Hi there!! My name is Kathleen Dew and I am a 25 year old wedding & portrait photographer based out of Anderson SC! I am a child of God, wife to the hottest & greatest man alive, and photographer of anything involving people, couples in love, weddings or elopements and am willing to travel almost anywhere! I drink smoothies every morning for breakfast, could spend all day outdoors if possible, am always dreaming of the next time I can go to the beach, pull over on the side of the road to pick flowers anytime I can, and love having cook-offs with my husband and beating him at it (ok thats not always true ;) )

Someone once told me that your calling is whatever you can not imagine yourself NOT doing. For me, I can't imagine myself not doing photography. Ever since I was about 8 years old, I was obsessed with cameras. I would take all my mom's wind up film cameras & shoot until I couldn't shoot anymore. Then when I was 11, my parents got our first digital camera (!!!!) and I would take it out for hours, photographing my siblings in the front yard, insects, street signs, and pretty much anything that was in front of me. The year I turned 15, I saved up month after month, babysitting and doing all the chores my mom would give me, so I could buy my first DSLR. I started photographing families, seniors, local proms etc. Once I graduated high school, I applied to a university with a great photography program, and now, by God's grace & blessing, I'm running my own wedding photography business! 

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Currently, I shoot a lot of weddings. However, I absolutely loving changing it up every once in a while and shooting other subject matter. I am a huge lover of film, fine art work, and even editorial sessions. Staying fresh and creative is important, and doing those type of shoots helps that. So if you are interested in doing a more creative, editorial type shoot or even want some film portraits done, I would LOVE to be the girl for the job!

Over the years, I have photographed all kinds of weddings. Some of which I grew close to and built a friendship with the bride over the months leading up to her wedding, and some I did not. Yet, my favorite weddings were the ones where the bride was not just my client, but my friend. Not just someone who wanted to check 'photographer' off their wedding to-do list, but someone who valued creative and quality photos, as well as the work I personally created. 

I do not accept every wedding that comes my way. Mainly because I want you to choose a photographer who will best suit your needs, your style, and your wants on your wedding day. I am not always the girl for the job. BUT, if you are having a less traditional & more unique/creative wedding, want intimate, real, non- posey photos, are willing to drive to awesome locations for a bridal shoot, like thinking outside the box, shoot me crazy ideas for an engagement shoot, or want to build a friendship with me & not just be a client, I might be the girl for the job! 

Since I just recently got married, I know what it feels like to be a bride. The stress. The to-do list. The emotions. I feel much more relatable to my brides now, since I've been in your shoes. If there is any way I can help you, ease your stress, remind you its all going to get done, or bring you a cup of coffee one day, I'd be more than happy to serve you however I can, before & on the wedding day. I love meeting with my brides before all the wedding planning craziness, so scoot on over to my contact page, send me an email, and lets meet up and be friends! 

Photos by: Anna Duncan