Grayson & Jacob


Grayson & Jacob

Ugh..these two…WHERE DO I EVEN START!??

Basically, over the past 2 years, Grayson & Jacob have become some of our BEST friends in the upstate. We met at the gym and started working out together, would get tacos afterwards, and now they come over to our house, laughing and talking well after midnight. Moving to the upstate, I knew no one. Chris and I prayed that the Lord would send us some solid friends into our lives, and these two are definitely an answer to that prayer! We’ve walked through life with them, during their dating season, engagement, and now marriage. And its been so sweet to watch them grow in their love for the Lord and for each other over the past few years.So naturally, when they asked Chris to officiate the wedding, and me to photograph it, we were elated!!

They got married at a beautiful venue in Anderson called Huitt Farms. It actually POURED rain about 1 hour before their ceremony, which was outside. But the storm cleared out, cooled everything off, and it turned into the most PERFECT summer, afternoon wedding. Usually after a 10 hour wedding day, I’m ready to go when the last song plays at the reception. But when the DJ announced it was time for the exit, I was SO bummed. It was THE most fun wedding ever! Their families are so kind, their friends are hilarious (best wedding party EVER), and all the vendors were a dream to work with.

Grayson & Jacob, we adore yall!!!!

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