Hailey & Will


Hailey & Will

Hailey & Will’s wedding was the EPITOME of the perfect day in my opinion. From the weather, to the colors, to the kindness of family & friends, to the couple themselves, everything was perfect.

Hailey messaged me a few months before her wedding looking for a photographer because her previous photographer had to back out due to being pregnant. Thankfully I was available and we started talking through all the details of their day!! Come to find out, they had already legally gotten married because Will’s dad was going to marry them, but had some serious health problems that made everyone question if he would even be at the wedding in November. They went ahead and got married a few months before, with his dad officiating their small ceremony. However, no one knew they were already married, so they announced it at the reception which was hilarious to see everyone’s reactions!

His dad was unfortunately unable to make it to their November wedding due to still being very sick, so they were glad they had their small, secret wedding that he was able to be a part of.

Will & Hailey are truly some of the kindest people & they made me feel like family the second I met them. PLUS they are SUCH an attractive couple & it was SO easy photographing them!! Much love to the Newsome’s!!!

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