The Mukri Family


The Mukri Family

The Mukri’s are all so full of JOY and doing these family photos for them was a blast! You could just feel the love they all have for each other & it was evident that they have so much fun together! I love for family sessions to feel authentic and unstaged, so I really try to document families in a way that feels true to who they are. If a kid doesn’t want to stand still but rather wants to twirl around in circles, that’s exactly what I photograph.

I want people to look at their family photos and feel the emotions and the love they share. What I’ve learned about photographing families is that getting the perfectly curated photo of everyone smiling and looking at the camera isn’t the most important goal. It’s documenting the quirks of each kid, the things they naturally love doing together, or the moments I didn’t prompt them into but that happened spontaneously!

I don’t do family photos all the time, but when I do, I absolutely love and enjoy every moment of them!!!

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