Margaret Ann

Welcome to my FISRT blog post on my new site!!!! It has been forever since I have blogged-and I feel so ashamed about it. BUT, from now on, Fridays are going to be blog days! So follow me and check out my new blog post every Friday :)

I have taken so many photos over the past few months and have posted NONE of them! Social media is great, but it is not good enough to post the hundreds of photos I've taken this summer. Well...I could. But I would probably loose about 64% of my followers. So thats why blogs are GREAT! You can post dozens of photos and no one is mad about it! 

I wanted my first post to be special and meaningful to me. I have travelled to some pretty incredible places this summer, photographed some beautiful weddings, and met some fabulous people along the way. However, I wanted to highlight one of my very best friends today, someone who means so much to me, and someone who I have grown to love more and more over the years.  

And that is my sister. 

Margaret Ann is 4 years younger than me. Therefore, I grew up thinking I was the superior sister, bossing her around constantly and always telling her what to do. Needless to say, we fought a lot. Screamed to the top of our lungs at each other when my mom would leave the house. If I told her to do something, she would do the exact opposite. Which made me even more mad and angry. Anytime our friends would come over, we would exclude her from playing with us, saying she was too young. Even Genevieve (my other sister, who is only 2 years younger than me) and I would go off by ourselves and not let her tag along. 

Thankfully as the years passed, I grew less bossy. Margaret Ann grew less stubborn. Our screaming fits got quieter and quieter. And our love and friendship grew. Now, this girl is truly one of my greatest friends. 

Genevieve, Margaret Ann, and I grew up super close as we got older. We did everything together, would talk for HOURS in my room at night, and always wanted to hang out with each other. When Genevieve got married in 2015, it was really hard on our family. We LOVED her husband and were so happy for them, but our family was so close, and now it was so different. Gen and I had always shared a room growing up, until the day she moved out. We had a tight bond that developed over 17 years of being roommates. 

Yet, even though it was so hard when Gen moved out, Mog and I grew extremely close. When I tell you we did EVERYTHING together, I am not exaggerating. The only time we were a part was when I was in class or at work. We would get up at 7am and go to the gym together. Sweaty and hot from our workout, we would go to the coffee shop down the road and sit together before I had to go to class. When I got home, we would sit in my room for hours, doing homework, having late night dance parties to keep us awake for a night full of studying, or just talking on my bed until our eyes were practically closing from exhaustion. We spent day after day with each other, until I moved out & got married in January. Im forever thankful for those days. That time of my life will never be here again, and I am thankful for the memories, talks, laughs, and days we spent together. 

Now a little big about Margaret Ann. That might be her official name, but everyone calls her Mog. She is the most compassionate girl I know. She is always QUICK to serve others and put other's needs above her own. She is absolutely hilarious and will never cease to keep you rolling in laughter. She loves the outdoors, picking flowers, laying in fields full of tall grass, and watching sunsets. She is an explorer and is always full of awe and wonder for even the small things in life. She is always so selfless and SUCH a good listener. She is a wonder woman in the kitchen and ANYTHING she cooks looks and tastes like it came out of a pro chef's kitchen. She also equally loves eating, as much as she loves cooking. She is a phenomenal artist and literally showed me up in a drawing class she took with me at my university, even though I was an art MAJOR and 5 years ahead of her in school. But more importantly, she has a contagious love for Jesus and a heart for serving Him. She spent her whole summer in Costa Rica, pouring out her gifts and talents to the poor and needy. Even though she is younger than me, I look up to her and admire her Godly character. 

Mog just started college a few weeks ago, so in honor of that, I wanted to share some of her senior portraits we took back in May. It was so special because we got to shoot in the fields we grew up LIVING in during the long, hot summer days, and next to her favorite tree that she named Arnold. We LOVE this land and have spent so much time in it over the years. Its her favorite spot in the world, so it was awesome getting to shoot there!

Anyway, sorry for the excessively long post. If you didn't read it all, I am not offended. I promise they won't all be this long ;)