Megan + John

Happy Friday everyone! Seems like it is a crazy weekend for most people, either evacuating or preparing for Hurricane Irma! My husband and I are on the way to West Virginia for the weekend, and there has been SO much traffic, with lots of Florida license plates. I hope everyone stays safe and still enjoys their weekend! 

This weekend, I want to celebrate this fun couple who is getting married in ONE month! I met John and Megan at Crossfit in Florence, SC about a year ago. AND John and Megan met at the gym Crossfit has multiple loose weight, get fit, and possibly meet your future spouse! My first interaction with Megan was at the assisted pull up bar machine. I had only been doing Crossift for about 1 month, and could most definitely not do a pull up. So Megan, my sister, and I were sent to the pull up assist machine to work on them. We immediately bonded over the fact that none of us could do pull ups and had no upper body strength ;) 

I did their engagement session in Charleston in March. Not sure if you can tell from the photos, but it was bitter cold that day, and super windy on the Charleston harbor. But they were troopers and made this shoot SO fun. I think we laughed about 75% of the time, and shot the other 25%. John and Megan are some of the kindest, most genuine, and super fun people. They also make a very attractive couple :) I can’t wait for y'all to experience the JOY of marriage and I am looking forward to celebrating with y’all at your wedding!!!